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I offer services for nutritional, emotional, and energetic or spiritual consulting. I will explain each so you can understand where you may want to go next. All 3 are essential to your health and well being.

All initial visits are longer than follow-ups. Plan on an hour to an hour and a half for initial visits and 45 min to an hour for follow ups. If you come me for a quick check, which means one thing seems a bit off plan on 10-20 minutes. Anything more is a full appointment.

All types of visits are the same price. Initial visits and follow ups are both $125. This is because I have more preparation time needed for a follow-up. Quick checks are $40.

Most of my visits are done on Zoom. I send you a link and it is just a click away on your phone or your computer. Simply fill out the paperwork and then schedule a time with me. I accept, cash, check, or Venmo.

Educational Nutrition Classes:  ~ FREE (if you bring 4 or more) 2 hours usually Scheduled on request: General Health and Life
      Or $25 when offered          Medicines, Vitamins, & Minerals                
                                                     Digestion-Your upper gastrointestinal track
                                                          – Digestion the second half
                                                           The Endocrine System

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