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I use these specialized testing methods to determine your health and well-being.  We usually discuss your needs and make a recommendation about a starting point and only move to other methods if your body demonstrates more complex or unexpected evaluation concerns.

Morphogenic Field Testing (MFT)This method is a simple process of response testing.  It easily reveals where the problems and the best starting points are in the body.  It assists us in choosing methods that your body can work with to heal.  This is a face-to-face analysis (via Zoom) that allows us to see how the body is responding both physically and emotionally. 

Blood and Nutritional Analysis:  This is another method that is good for those at a distance.  Request a full blood analysis from your doctor and fill out the nutritional assessment forms and send them both to me.  I can make nutrient and lifestyle recommendations to promote health and well-being.

Bio Meridian  Assessment (also known as Meridian Stress Assessment)  This is an in-person evaluation. An FDA-approved innovative, noninvasive device, (a cross between German technology and Chinese medicine) is what I use to evaluate the acupressure points on your hands and feet to determine areas of stress, health risks and well being.   This is an insurance approved method for testing for allergies in the body, simple MD referral is all insurance requires.

Just click on the forms link above to access papers for a visit. You can email or call/text (206) 779-1959 to set up an appointment.