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Nutritional Support

Nutritional Health is essential for your body.   Most of us try to eat right.  It is a hard thing to do with our work, family, and social demands asking so much. 

Even when we are doing the right things of buying organic and cooking from scratch, it  is a challenge to get a good fresh variety of nutrient dense food.  With soils depleted, questionable sources and seasonal limitations one almost wants to give up.

Don’t give up.  Continuing your efforts  is a worthy endeavor.  Through testing and health coaching I can help you balance your needs by learning exactly what your body needs and want.

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Emotional Support

Emotional support and needs affect our physical health.  We all know we are more likely to get sick when we are stressed and emotionally drained. 

Did you know there are nutrients,herbs, homeopathy and essential oils that can assist keeping the body strong?

I can evaluate your needs by talking with you and testing your responses.   Don’t go it alone, get some life coaching:  support to make it through.

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Energetic or Spiritual Support

Spiritual and Energetic support are names for support from a higher source, using  different methodologies.

We all have something outside ourselves that we believe in.  Prayer, meditation,and awareness of quantum concepts can support and guide your decisions.  It actually helps heal and support the physical body.

Some people hit harder roadblocks and need additional support and guidance.  I can assist you in communication with the other side.  Soul guides and spirits that support you can be used to support and guide you through rough times.

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Successes with….
   *  Allergies     *    Joint Pain   *  Chemical Sensitivities    *  Low Mood   * 
 *  Digestive Discomforts  *  Emotional Issues    *    Fatigue    *  Headaches  *    
   * Hypersensitivities    *  Immune Challenges  *  Insomnia    *  Joint Pain    *  
 * Menopausal concerns   *  Muscle Pain   *   Supplement issues   *  Muscle Pain *   
   * PMS Support   *   Nervous System   *   Hypersensitivities                       
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Katherine has been very helpful to me over the years for a number of tricky energetic, emotional and nutritional issues. She brings very practical, down to earth and hands on skills combined with a great intuitive knowing.

John L
Seattle, WA since 2005
I’ve worked with Katherine for almost 20 years, both for nutritional counseling and working with the energetic world and how that affects me. I consistently find her the perfect balance of supportive and challenging, helping me identify what’s right for me and my best way to sustain my energetic, emotional, mental, and physical health while also working to increase it. Unequivocally, Katherine has helped me not just survive but thrive through hard times, both personally and professionally. If you’re looking for help increasing your health and happiness in any way, I wholeheartedly suggest giving Katherine a try!
Michael H,
Columbia, MO since 2006

What I am recently most impressed by is the fact that my body seems to actually use the supplements instead of having them pass right through me. 
I like that the supplements are tested for my specific body because my body tends to be finicky and what “should” work doesn’t always work for me.
Katherine has been able to help me support my mind and body where other options have let me down or made things worse.
Ashley 44
Pensacola, FL
I have worked with Katherine since 2003 in several capacities. I have been her client, her student, and her colleague. She has a great capacity to work through complex issues to find key solutions. When life and health challenges are a combination of emotional, spiritual, and nutrition, Katherine is the best practitioner I know who can see all sides of an issue, and can guide clients to the best place to begin, and then be by your side to steer you to a more vibrant life. She is my go to person when I discover something new for my Nutritional Therapy clients and want to brainstorm ways to make use of that remedy or method. Her creative thinking always inspires our conversations. I highly recommend connecting today!

Margaret M
Bellevue, WA
“I have had the pleasure of working with Katherine for 16 years (more than half my life) and am always impressed with her wealth of knowledge and accurate results. I started seeing her for gut troubles and she was able to identify several other issues that were all contributing to my poor health. Under her guidance and care, my body was able to heal from various illnesses and difficulties. She treats each body as unique, taking the time to explain why one supplement or treatment plan is specifically better for you. Beyond Nutrition, I have worked with Katherine in her energy classes. She taught me how to center myself (grounding) and protect against negative energy around me so I wasn’t so exhausted and overwhelmed when around people. Katherine is very flexible and can work under many conditions, even providing phone consultations and appointments online as needed. 
I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Katelyn A,
Slovakia/Seattle, WA Since 2007

“Katherine’s practical, no-nonsense approach to getting to the heart of what is going on with my body at each appointment has been such a help. I appreciate her attention to detail and ability to track my body’s story. She has also been instrumental in helping me loose my rigidity around eating, diets, food choices. I’ve been coached to be more intuitive about my choices and it’s working!

Seattle, WA 2018
I have been working with Katherine for a number of years to reduce the size of a toxic node on my thyroid and improve my overall health. The node has almost disappeared and I have ridiculously few health complaints and generally feel great. I really appreciate her approach of asking my body what it needs instead of treating its symptoms.

Friday Harbor, age 72
Thank you Katherine for all your skills, talent, and knowledge that heals me fully (my mind, body, and spirit). I am blessed to be healing.

Your friend and client, Gina (Alaska)
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