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About Me

Katherine Branigan – BA, NTP, MSA, BA, MFT

My family raised me to always have a garden and even raised cows, in Los Angeles.   I never really thought much about it; as it was just the way it was. 

I became interested in nutrition back in the ’90s when I was working with children and realized how much food affected their behavior.

It wasn’t until 2000 that I became certified as a Nutritional Therapist and worked in a clinic assisting people to regain a healthy body.  It was my work here that created an awareness of how closely the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives affect our well being.  As a health coach I can assist you in retaking charge of your life.

Being energetically aware since I was a small child has taught me how to use this skill professionally.   It helps me facilitate others  health and well being.  Sometimes people get stuck on a topic and don’t know how to get past it.  This drains physical well being and causes emotional issues.  Sometimes just a little nudge makes the progress much easier, life coaching.

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