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Emotions and Energetics’

Energy is in us all –
Quantum energy runs through all of us.  We think of the electrical synapses that keep the body functioning as different from being “energetic.”  It is not. Energetic people hear, see, feel, and know things that the medical synapses can’t explain.  That doesn’t mean the synapses are different, just not yet understood.   If you are having trouble clearing the negative issues out of your life; maybe you need help with awareness.  Illnesses have emotions attached that need clearing also.   If you are having accidental injuries and physical traumas; a negative thought or emotions may be trying to get your attention.

There are two ways I can assist with energy or energetic reads, individually or classes. You can sign up for a class below. Class times and start dates vary so contact me. Or if you wish to schedule an appointment, email me or call/text me at (206) 779-1959.

Energy versus Energy Reads
Energy is all around us.  It is in the sunlight we see through the trees and it is in the flowers we see in bloom.  It is ever-changing and yet always there. It is the catalyst of life.  We change energetically too.  Our simple thoughts take energy and they create energy with or without physical action related to them.  This energy affects our health, emotional stability and focus.  How do you feel?  What do you want to change? ~Knowing this gives you focus.

Energetic reads are when you interpret the energy around you to see, hear or feel things.  Some people call their intuition an energetic read and it is.   Reading for ourselves is tricky because we have ideas and beliefs that can bias our read, pro or con, depending on how we feel and what we fear.  I have been doing reads as a psychic medium for over 20 years.

Educational Energetic Classes: ~ These are taught in sections
Each section is limited to 5 people. ~Section one: 3 classes/2 hours each ($90)
Classes are recorded, if you miss one. Acknowledging energy and protecting your self
~Section two: 4 classes/2 hours each ($120)
The chakra energy: how to clean, clear & sense
yours and others
~Section 3: ongoing monthly ($35)
Intermediate practicum
~Section 4: by invitation only ($35)
Advanced Practicum

. . . Knowing which way to go . . . . what is right for you . . . . and where to turn can be key

. . . We all have a soul path. . . . Things we came here to learn . . . People we came to be with

. . . How are you doing?. . . . Are you acting or reacting? . . . It is an ongoing process.

As long as you keep growing and learning you are doing GREAT!

. . .If you are stuck contact me to assist you in growth.